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Cheeseburger ABS can help get you that perfect athletic build you had during
your youth, and thought you’d lost for good. Even if you have never had the ideal hardcore, lean, mean, tone body – this is the guide that will help you achieve it. Regardless of how many diet plans you tried, this book will give you the success you never thought possible.

The difference with this book is that it is more than yet another fad diet plan. With Cheeseburger ABS you will learn how to set up a real life success plan including diet, fitness and so much more; because the truth is you already have the tools you need to have the body you always dreamed of. This is your resource guide to understand how to use these tools.

Cheeseburger ABS helps you learn about eating smart, build on or introduce weight lifting and cardio into your life and plan out your own unique and individual road map to success.

You can now look better, feel better and have more confidence without falling for those fad diet plans. If you are looking for a lifetime of better health and a slimmer body, Cheeseburger ABS can help you make that happen – for good!




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  • with foreword by Raymond Aaron, New York Times best-selling author
  • featured in the brand new bestseller “Branding Small Business for Dummies”
  • and endorsed by none other than Dr. John Gray, father of the New York Times best selling sensation “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”     Here’s what Dr. Gray had to say… “Great advice to be healthy and have it all.  Read this book.”
  • You’ve got to read this book… doctor’s orders  (Dr. Gray’s, that is.)..

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 Cheeseburger ABS – Eat What You Want and Look ABSolutely Fabulous

Have you lost that perfect athletic build of your youth – or simply never been able to get in shape?

Are you fed up of trying diet after diet without achieving any success?

Whether or not you realize it, you already have all the tools you need to make this happen! You just don’t know how to use those tools -yet.


With ‘Cheeseburger ABS’ you will be able to: 


  • Map out a truly winning course to the body of your dreams
  • Learn that eating smart isn’t all about difficult sacrifices
  • Get a realistic introduction to weight training & cardio that will change your life
  • Discover real secrets for success that few people are aware of

This is just a glimpse of what ‘Cheeseburger ABS’ has in store for you. For those looking to change their life completely, consider this the user’s manual to getting there. Grab your copy of this amazing book and get the abs that you’ve always longed for.


 Al Bargen has made it possible to learn from his life of training, as well as his mistakes along the way. In all my years of trying to find the right diet and exercise plan, nothing has given me the detailed information that I needed. But this book reveals all. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to lose weight sensibly and realistically 

Chris Gray, Life Coach