“There’s always a way–if you’re committed.”
Tony Robbins

It happens to everyone. Things are going well, and then, Boom! Suddenly, you slip up and stumble. Maybe you fell into temptation and ate a sugary dessert when it wasn’t your free food day. Perhaps you just made excuses all week and missed a whole series of workouts.

No matter what mistakes you make along the way, it’s never too late to get back on track.

Common Reasons People Slip Up

We all mess up from time to time, but there are some common reasons that people fail when it comes to diets. Take a look at some of the most common pitfalls and recognize if they are problems for you. If you are still doing well, congratulations! Do take a few minutes to browse the list to make sure you don’t stumble in these areas in the future.

Two error is human.  One of the best things about the cheeseburger ABS program is it’s built in forgiveness.  To speak as plainly as I know how, I don’t think I ever had a three week period where I stuck with the plan exactly as it was written.  There were times where I consumed far too many calories through alcohol.  Or when I was in a hurry, and grabbing fast food burgers…  which are a far cry from the grass fed beef burgers I know I should be eating instead.  We all have foods, or habits in the early stages that can get the best of us at times.  What was the most common cause of your slip ups?  And how did you get back on track?

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