Client Testimonials


“Al Bargen shows you how simple it is to achieve all your fitness goals without a gym membership, or even a home gym.”

Wendy MacPherson, Kelowna, BC

“A lot of research has come out lately about the benefits of interval training. Al was teaching these principles to his JKD students in the early nineties.”

Scott Schaffrick, BC Sherrif's Dept

“I have never liked to use in log books to track my fitness activity. Al Bargen has some amazingly creative ideas to fix this problem, and simplify the whole process.”

Matt McNally, Kelowna, BC

“No snake oil here. Al Bargen explains that it took you while to get you to where you are now and it will take some time to achieve your ideal shape. He provides realistic methods to make lasting lifestyle changes. This book is perfect for any woman wanting, and ready to make that change.”

Anni Schlief, Accounting, Kelowna BC

“Al draws on his many years of excelling in the martial arts to provide you with the very best in motivational and strategic training and life tips. You will learn how to use this information to achieve your ideal weight, a fantastic state of physical fitness, and wake up in the morning with more energy than you ever thought you could have.”

Todd Ueda, Kelowna, BC

“This book contains the information you need to help you achieve your fat loss and fitness goals. It will help you design a custom plan, suited to your lifestyle to help you to increase your health, happiness, and physical well being.”

Al Mimee. Canna Photography, Kelowna, BC

“Al has a lot to say when it comes to fat loss and fitness. Achieving your fat loss goals doesn’t start with exercise, diet or with the supplements that you take, it starts in the mind, it starts with making a meaningful decision. If you want to change your state of health, you need a mindset shift. You’ll find that with Al’s program. ”

Niklas Brodd, Ohio

“I’ve had my first consultation with Al, the Cheeseburger Fitness guy. I have to say, I am quite impressed! He gave me information I have never heard before from other weight loss “experts”. I learned about when to exercise in relation to when I eat and how to work with hormonal levels to encourage weight loss. I prefer to have someone as a mentor who has gone through the process themselves, rather than just taken a course. Allan Bargen is such a man. He’s lost the weight himself, and made some discoveries along the way. I highly recommend him as a fitness / weight loss coach. He’s sincere, and honestly knows where you’re coming from. Look to him to be known as the “Cheeseburger Fitness” guy and a fitness guru with a big heart!”

Linda D. Sajiw, Vancouver, BC

“Staying consistent with any program is so important. I have never before seen so much information in one place that will help you do just that. Al breaks this information down in easy to understand components that when put together, creates a plan to make you unstoppable. This program is a godsend.”

Nick Austin, Stone Age Masonry, Kelowna, BC

“With all the different diets, and fads out there, it’s difficult to know which plan to follow. I consider Al Bargen’s program to be my one-stop shop. It contains all the information you will need to achieve the body you were born to have.”

Tony Williamson (Business Owner), Kelowna, BC

“I knew that by following Al’s guidelines I would improve my overall physical self. It was the emotional and spiritual improvements that were an unexpected added benefit.”

Matt L Kelowna, BC

“I love the way Al lays the program out for you. You start with some important, but basic changes, then build on your successes. Before you know it you are living a lifestyle that is bringing you closer to your goals every day. It’s so inspiring.”

Shauna Klingspon

The book changed my life. It's that simple.

Al Bargen