“You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.”
David Viscott

When a guy eases off his shirt on the beach revealing flawless abs, people take notice. When a woman walks by in the summer sporting a trim, defined mid-section, people stare. The person with killer abs typically has a lot more confidence than the average guy or girl.

Having six-pack abs is almost like an international standard for how fit you are. It’s no mistake that beer commercials show attractive women who frequently have abdominal definition. Striving for a six-pack is the ultimate goal that motivates people in gyms around the country. Anyone striving for fitness has at least thought about defining their abs. Whether they admit it or not, they want six-pack abs, or at least a head turning, trim midsection. Why else would they be in the gym?

People want to look fit. They want the benefits of having a strong core. They want stomach muscles that resemble the washboard abs that everyone craves for. So for most people, male or female, having a well-defined midsection is the ultimate goal.

What is your most important health/fitness/or a fat loss goal ?

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